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ATTRACTIONS > Tobacco Caye  
Tobacco Caye

Taking its name from the main crop cultivated by the puritans that once settled the island, the first thing you'll notice about this caye is that it's tiny. Five acres of sand and stately coconut palms sitting right in the middle of the reef, and occupied entirely by an assortment of lodges and small wooden houses.

West Beach on Tobacco Caye

The reef doesn't play hard to get on Tobacco Caye, barely giving you a chance to wade into the water before presenting her treasure. Snorkeling is almost too easy with such ready access to the reef. You can spend hours swimming in the festival of coral splendor and marine life, including the eagle ray and an occasional manatee, without even going a hundred feet from the island.

East Shore on Tobacco Caye with fishing boats

The caye is also a haven for scuba divers with excellent wall diving just 300 feet from shore. Technicolor mountains of coral and countless varieties of marine flora and fauna will leave you blissfully exhilarated. Two tanks recommended.

On land you can expect to get a true taste of island life without the frills of the fancier cayes. The people that live here are very friendly and take their relaxing as seriously as they take their work. A thatch roof bar just a few feet from the waves is an ideal spot for sipping on cool Caribbean rum concoctions and chatting with the residents. Less than an hour from Dangriga, Tobacco Caye is a delight that proves good things do indeed come in small packages.

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