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ATTRACTIONS > Southwater Caye  
Southwater Caye from 10000 feet

In days past fisherman would stop here to draw fresh water from the well that sits at the center of the island they named Southwater Caye. It might be the most visually inspiring 15-acre spot of sun drenched land anywhere, and is just indescribably beautiful to behold. As if this weren’t enough to be blessed with, the little island seems to grow right out of the Belizean coral reef that surrounds it in every direction.

The south beach of Southwater Caye

Southwater Caye is located in the middle of the new Southwater Caye Marine Park. This area of the Belize barrier reef was protected for the diversity of marine habitats and life. From the rich mangrove roots of the numerous cayes, vast sea grass beds, shallow coral reefs, coral mounds outside of the barrier reef to the vertical walled drop off, this region is home to both large marine life like turtles and eagle rays, and the most colorful corals and small fish.

The south beach of Southwater Caye

You'd be hard pressed to find a better place from which to indulge your water fantasies. Snorkeling the crystal blue around the island is like swimming into a kaleidoscope where curious fish come to meet you over brain coral the size of boulders. The maze of coral growth shelters a wealth of interesting activity with harlequin bass feeding on tiny crustaceans, and decorator crabs clipping their wardrobes out of the abundant sponges.

Accommodations on this caye are immaculate and sustain their surroundings without taking anything away from the island's natural beauty. Having recently captured the attention of global conservationists, Southwater is the location of a new marine reserve that is also a World Heritage Site. The south end of the island hosts its own little nature reserve where turtles sometimes nest in the white sand.

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