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Mayflower - A natural wonder of streams and waterfalls set around ancient Maya ceremonial sites.

Swimming at Three Sisters Falls at Mayflower

Just a short hop southwest from Dangriga is a day-trippers paradise known as the Mayflower Complex. Centered around a beautiful stream and two waterfalls, this idyllic spot in the Stann Creek bush is also known for its unexcavated ancient Mayan sites, Maintzunun and T'au Witz. Though the sites are small and not very impressive to look at, it's clear that this area played some significant role in the life of the Maya that used to live here.

Three Sisters Waterfall is a great spot to cool off after a leisurely hike on the trail, its gentle descent turns into a natural water slide that you can float or tube down. Close by, Antelope Waterfalls and the Silk Grass Creek offer more opportunities for water activities and outdoor picnics with several interesting bird species to watch while you play.

Sittee River at sunset

Sittee River - Journey from saltwater mangroves to fresh, clear headwaters in a festival of jungle exotica.

The Sittee is one of the largest waterways in Belize and will impress birders with its many species of winged wildlife. Flycatchers, herons, egrets, kingfishers, parrots and toucans are not unusual and a boat trip on the river's beautifully clear, fresh water will acquaint you with many of the river's regulars, including turtles, crocodiles and iguanas

The channel departures that lead to the adjacent wetlands and lagoons treat passing boaters to an amazing variety of exotic flora and fauna in the cascade of jungle that runs on to and over the river banks.

Serpon Sugar Mill - Evidence that nature is sometimes determined not to give up ground.

Old steam engine at Serpon Sugar Mill

A small park you'll encounter on your way into Sittee, not far from the village, is the Serpon Sugar Mill. A 19th century remnant, Serpon bears witness to the brief rise and fall of Stann Creek's sugar industry. An interesting stop on the way to or from Sittee, Serpon is known for its abundant bird life and the giant steam engine remnants that are losing their battle with the surrounding bush.

Seine Bight & Maya Beach - A pirate's treasure trove of beaches and blue ocean splendor that just doesn't stop.

Maya Beach Beach

About 30 miles south of Dangriga, 700 or so Garifuna villagers call Seine Bight home, subsisting on fishing, hunting and homegrown vegetables. The obvious reason to make a stop at Seine Bight is the culture, the beaches and the secluded swimming spots with coconut trees to string your hammocks.

The pirates always seemed to know the best places to get away from it all and are said to be responsible for finding this particular hideout in 1629. Subsequently occupied and named by a transplanted French Canadian community, Seine Bight is truly a tropical paradise that will live up to the most discriminating beach connoisseur's standards. Accommodations are widely available in a range of options to suit most budgets, and tours into the interior as well as diving, fishing and boating excursions are easily organized.

Davis Falls - Enjoy a hike through beautiful forested landscapes and discover a natural playground.

Davis Falls

You'll hear Davis Falls in the surrounding tropical forest you have to hike through before you see the vision of its spectacular 300-foot drop over gleaming granite rock. At its base is a pool of bubbling water that gets as deep as 75 feet and is perfect for bathing away the nearly two-hour trek in. The landscape around the falls is a natural playground that's wonderful for picnicking and birding.

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