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Just eight miles south of Dangriga, minutes off the Southern highway, is the quaint and quiet fishing village of Hopkins. The road trip in will give you a great chance to spot the regal jabiru stork and other interesting birds that frequent the marshy landscape surrounding the village.

Spread across nearly five miles of a sandy, palm-strewn inlet, Hopkins is home to about a thousand Garifuna fishing and farming families. Time moves like a turtle; the men of the village fish and carve canoes while the women can be found weaving baskets and singing together.

Hopkins has one of Belize’s few mainland beaches, and reclining with a cold beverage under a palm tree here can make the world go away for a while. If you’re looking for more motion than a hammock swinging in the breeze, windsurfing and kayaking are easily organized. A stroll down the sandy village walkways to meet and chat with the locals can be a lot of fun and will give you a chance to really experience the place.

A relaxing way to spend a few days, Hopkins has lots of places to stay and a good selection of restaurants which offer an array of different foods. Live music at local bars is also not unusual and shouldn’t be missed should the opportunity arise.

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