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River Coastline Canoe and Kayaking

Raft, canoe and kayak adventurers will be impressed with the district's rivers, lagoons and channels. A trip on the interior waterways of Stann Creek can make you feel like one of the ancient Maya who once used these rivers as lifelines; much of the landscape you pass is as untouched now as it was then.

The scenery is nothing short of spectacular with waters full of fish and fauna in incredible diversity, and birds that come in many of the 500 species found in Belize. There are villages perched on riverbanks where Maya children will swim up to meet you. There are crocodiles and iguanas and manatee and even the occasional puma, ocelot or jaguar making a river crossing. A trip through these waters is an experience that will feed senses you didn't know you had.

Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking is ideal on the calm waters of the Inner Channel area between the mainland and the barrier reef. You can shred the waves or just paddle out from the cayes to nearby atolls. The barrier reef offers experienced sea kayakers the possibility of extended trips that include camping on small cayes along the way. See our services section for a listing of tour operators that offer a good selection of Sea Kayaking excursions.

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