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THINGS TO DO > Fishing in Stann Creek  

Stann Creek is a fisherman's fantasy with both ocean and river fishing that is hard to match anywhere in the world. Spin, fly, and troll fishing are available year round at a variety of locations.

Flyfishing at sunrisePermit

The estuaries and river mouths of the Stann Creek coastline are full of tarpon, black snapper, and snook while the lagoons and coral flats of the barrier reef offer up bonefish, permit, and barracuda. The outer reef formations are known for their king mackerel, kingfish, jackfish, grouper, barracuda, and snapper; while the deeper waters of the lower reef and atolls are superb for sailfish, wahoo, tuna, bonito, mahi-mahi and marlin, to name just a few.

Flyfishing for Permit in the MangroveFishing for Tarpon

Stann Creek offers a number of world class fishing resorts and guides to help you rig, find, hook and land your catch. Check the SERVICES section for a listing of guides and resorts.

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